1. Players are eligible to receive a 5% Cashback on their “Net Loss” from the previous week every Monday. The Cashback calculation does not include any bonuses received.
2. The calculation for Cashback considers the net loss incurred by the player from Monday 00:00 to Sunday 23:59 of the current week. The Cashback amount will be credited to the player’s account on the following Monday.
3. The maximum Cashback amount a player can receive is 10,000.
4. It is important for players to note that the issued Cashback will expire after 48 hours. Players must collect their Cashback within this timeframe, or it will be forfeited and cannot be claimed.
5. A turnover requirement of 1x is applicable for the Cashback amount received.
6. Players can check the Event page every following Monday after 00:00 to view the Cashback amount they are eligible to receive.

If a player incurs a net loss of 20,000 from Monday to Sunday and has claimed a bonus of 1,000 during the week, the calculation for Cashback would be as follows:
Net Loss = 20,000 – 1,000 = 19,000
Cashback Amount = 19,000 * 5% = 950
The player must collect the Cashback within 48 hours after it is issued.